Meet Katie

INDOXI Jewelry by Founder & Creative Director Katie Karram (that’s me)
is conceived, designed, and handcrafted by me in my Connecticut studio.

A life-long artistic soul committed to self-expression, designing jewelry permits me to explore the many facets of metals—how each bends with human manipulation, how these precious metals so graciously adopt changes, and how they take on the role of gem bearer when crafted into the receptacle for a glorious gemstone or a piece of art glass.

My INDOXI Collections are crafted by me to give you a new way to identify the jewelry pieces that speak to your soul and share your true personality.

I believe that one never stops learning, and I’ve continued to study various art forms; life drawing, encaustic painting from life, jewelry/stone setting, wax-carving, felting, stained glass, glass bead/lamp-working. Each has an influence on my jewelry design.

More From Katie

I love creating. I look at creating art as my therapy for life.
Whether it’s making a new piece of jewelry, painting a figure in oils,
cooking a delicious meal or trying something totally new,
I love making things.

Custom Jewelry