INDOXI Jewelry by Founder & Creative Director Katie Karram (that’s me) is conceived, designed and hand crafted by me in my Connecticut studio. A life-long artistic soul, committed to self-expression, designing jewelry permits me to explore the many facets of metals – sterling silver and 14kt gold – how each bends and changes appearance and its contours with human manipulation, how these naturally occurring precious metals so graciously adopt changes to their surfaces, and how they take on the role of gem bearer when crafted into the receptacle for a glorious gem stone or a piece of art glass.

My INDOXI Collections are crafted by me to give you a new way to identify the jewelry pieces that speaks to your soul and shares your true personality


Are you looking for jewelry Connecticut? Side by side with the INDOXI Collections, I also craft one-of-a-kind items as well as individual commissions for pieces co-designed with the client. Each custom designed INDOXI piece reflects its owner’s true personality and innermost reflections of self.

My Goal: to design and craft jewelry that will resonate with an individual’s sensibilities and morph into an external expression of self. And I always leave a bit of myself in every piece I craft – so our connection is a constant.



I believe that one never stops learning, and I’ve continue to study various art forms; life drawing, encaustic painting from life, jewelry/stone setting, wax-carving, felting, stained-glass, glass bead/lampworking. Each has an influence on my jewelry design.

And each kernel of knowledge, exposure to new views, encounters, and travel – particularly across Greece – are all sources of inspiration One of the most tangible – from which all can derive – is meticulously viewing both new and permanent museum exhibits – both modern and classical. And my personal treasure trove — the timeless ideas, art forms, architecture, myths, and life styles from the Hellenic civilization.




I love making glass beads, not only does it provide me an outlet for working with beautiful color, there is something therapeutic and hypnotic about the process. To make the glass beads I begin by melting glass rods onto a steel rod. I start by heat the glass until it melts and I can wrap it around the mandrel. Rolling the glass rod and mandrel back and forth, along with gravity, starts the bead and you keep working on it from there.