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Everything and anything can inspire an idea for a piece of jewelry. I can see a design on a cement truck, pass a beautiful flower, or walk by a really cool building and I’ll just start thinking about translating those images into small “works of art.” I really love making one-of-a-kind pieces because I really let my imagination go.

I love creating. I look at creating art as my therapy for life. Whether it’s making a new piece of jewelry, painting a figure in oils, cooking a delicious meal or trying something totally new, I love making things. Sometimes I’ll get an idea, while I’m out and about and I can’t wait to get back to my studio and make that idea in a really special creation. It’s so satisfying to see an idea I’ve had come to life.

As far as metals go, I work with Sterling Silver, 14kt and 18kt gold and occasionally I will add touches of copper. I’ve worked with sterling silver for many, many years, but it can be very temperamental. Once I started working with gold, though, I was hooked. Gold is so nice to work with and as much as I love silver, gold polishes beautifully. I work with many different semi-precious and precious stones and I like to set them according to the design of the piece I’m going to use those stones for. I also use Moretti and Bullseye glass, two “soft” glasses, for my lamp worked beads.

Our website only shows a small portion of what we sell in our store. We have a wide variety of jewelry pieces in our store, many of which are one-of-a-kind items and limited-edition pieces. Come by the store to see all we have to offer.

We do custom work. We would meet with a client and work out an idea, whether it’s designing a ring using a special stone or creating a pair of earrings you’d like to have made to go with a necklace. If we can do it, then we will create it.

With the exception of the basic chains and some clasps, we make everything in the store.

I want everyone to love the piece of jewelry they’ve either, bought for themselves, or purchased as a gift. It’s such a good feeling to see someone wearing a piece of jewelry that I made and see how great it looks on them. If you’re not happy with an item, bring it back. Sometimes things just need a little adjustment, so come and see us and we will work with you on making it fit and/or feel better. If that doesn’t work or you want something different, we offer full refunds and exchanges within 21 days of purchase of your unworn jewelry.